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Ready to put a talented UI/UX design team to work for your next project? Check out our step-by-step design process below.

Phase One

Discuss Your Vision

To create web and mobile assets that effectively communicate the benefits of your products and the voice of your brand, we’ll first need to understand your unique vision. Sometimes, this stage is as simple as listening to you present your ideas. Other projects require more discussion. In either case, we never proceed until we are confident that we are 100% aligned with your goals.

Phase Two

Research Your Users

We’ve got an end goal – now let’s make it happen. By combining extensive market research with in-depth competitor and audience analysis, our design team gains accurate, actionable insights into how users will interact with your finished product.

Phase Three

Wireframes & Prototype

It’s time to take steps towards making your design a living, breathing reality. Using the info from the first two stages, we’ll create wireframes and prototypes that highlight the potential look and feel of the finished product. We’ll also collaborate with the project’s development team to get some feedback on the technical aspects of the design.

Phase Four

Bring Your Vision to Life

Phase 4 is where the real magic happens. Working closely with project managers, developers, and other relevant parties, our team of specialized UI/UX designers takes the feedback from the previous stages to create a mesmerizing, eye-catching finished product that blends style, function, and usability into one amazing design tailored to your brand and vision.

Phase Five

Comprehensive Testing

The best way to ensure absolute perfection? Comprehensive testing. First, our early-stage testing identifies potential design flaws in the prototypes then our QA specialists will undertake pre-launch testing to ensure everything is functional and ready to go.

Why Renesis?

Did you know that suboptimal UI/UX design can cause over 50% of users to close an app or website within 8-10 seconds of launching it? Your customers want interfaces that are easy and stress-free to navigate. A UI/UX design team from Renesis can help with that.

User-Centric Design Philosophy

Renesis teams are trained to prioritize the end-user experience when creating their designs.

Collaborative Cloud Ecosystem

Our designers can easily interact with your internal team and/or Renesis developers.

Eye-catching Aesthetics

To create winning UI/UX designs, we start with captivating, visually appealing art.

Comprehensive Testing and QA

Design isn’t just for show – your Renesis team also includes at least one QA specialist for testing.

Transparent, Trusted Process

At Renesis, we prioritize transparency and trust in our corporate office and through all of our teams.

Seamless Navigation

You don’t have to choose between style and function – working with a Renesis team lets you have both.

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Tools We Use To Design Amazing Experiences

Tools We Use To Design Amazing Experiences at Renesis Tech
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